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Cave Diving Pictures
Laurent Miroult

In 2013 I started taking pictures during cave dives in order to keep memories of all the beautiful places I could visit. Photography is a powerful tool to bring the light in those dark places and extend the perception one can have of them. Using remote strobes and relying on dive buddies to take the best advantage of them is most of the time one of the efficient ways to have enough light for that purpose. Close shots will provide more details on particular formations. I am thankful to all the dive buddies who have been patient and skilled enough to help me. Without them there wouldn't be as many pictures to share... I am specially thankful to my instructor and mentor, Rob Neto, who taught me cave diving and guided me in very unique locations. I hope you will enjoy the pictures. There is no other intention than to share all these moments. Don't hesitate to send your feedback.


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